Music Theatre

Please email me if you are interested in any of these works:

Ballade : a chamber opera : in three parts with epilogue Libretto: Oscar Wilde
voice and chamber ensemble
20 minutes

Batavia: Libretto by Anne Williams
Treble voices and piano
12 minutes

Dawn: The Libretto by Vincent Plush
Young voices and ensemble
70 minutes

Devil himself : chamber opera (Listen) (Cat. SL40) Libretto by Bruce Brazier
young voices /small ensemble -advanced student players
ca. 60 minutes

die dunkle Erde: Libretto by Sam Wagan-Watson
voices, speaker and digeridoo
40 minutes

Endurance (Cat. SL46) Libretto by Anne Williams
SSAA /pno
12 minutes

Elastics: Libretto by Marion Halligan
Music drama
80 minutes

Eureka!: Libretto by Vincent Plush (View)
SA / pno / smalle ensemble
70 minutes

Young voices, dancers, roller-bladers, a cast of thousands and small ensemble
70 minutes N/A

Kilcallow Catch : a musictheatre work for kids: libretto by Marion Halligan
Community Opera – many types of voices / orchestra
80 minutes

Measures Taken The
music drama for play by Bertolt Brecht
45 minutes

Our New Dreamtime
SSAA and percussion
10 minutes N/A

Seasons of Fire: a choral collage
young voices and percussion
16 minutes

Seeking True South: Libretto by Philip Dean
Professional Opera
80 minutes

Shadowings : music theatre for kids 
voices and small enemble
70 minutes N/A

Sole Print 
sop /small ensemble
20 minutes

Stroke : a music theatre work in one act : Libretto by Bruce Keller 
Professional opera – voices and small ensemble
70 minutes

Thailand Railway: Libretto Randolph Stowe
baritone, clarinet, violin, viola, ‘cello and virtuoso percussion
16 minutes

Twelve Angry Men
indicental music

Visions of Perfection: Libretto by Michaelangelo
SATB and small ensemble
45 minutes

Xerxes: Libretto by Ros Derrett
many voices and many community ensembles
90 minutes