Creative Thinking

Stephen Leek has an extensive history spanning more than 25 years of working with musicians and members of the community from all walks of life in a creative manner. His creative workshops are based around compositional practices borne out of practical experiences in the arts, working with business and community groups across the length and bredth of Australia. Creative workshops that he conducts can be tailored to your specific needs and are built upon practical application, leadership, teamwork, decisions making, ‘thinking outside the square’, alternative and possibilities in a sound-based context. Leek’s effusive and motivating workshop manner is infectious and fun, and he can communicate at every level; be it boardroom, sportsfield, university or kindergarten.

These are workshops that have proved popular with organisations and businesses that need ‘level playing field’ team building exercises that don’t involve climbing rockfaces or putting life and limb in jeopardy. If anyone can speak they can be actively empowered to make decisions and work with initiative within a team situation in his unique workshops.

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Fees are competitive and scheduling is flexible.