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Choral Courage

Approaching contemporary choral music development – with open ears and alert minds

A Presentation by Stephen Leek

We all know that a choral program needs to embrace many musical, non-musical and technical elements. The healthy technical aspects of voice production …

Knowledge of the Stars

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Three. Art.

….. An interesting film about the creative process made my former student of composition, now turned film maker, Martin Ingle, featuring a composer, a film maker and an author.

Part One
Part Two

Comments about Stephen Leek

“Stephen Leek has no equal in Australian music. He is undoubtedly the leading voice of Australian choral music, steering its development since his earliest choral works. His powerful influence has given choirs, and conductors alike, the confidence to sing, celebrate …

Robert Edler Prize for Choral music goes to Stephen Leek

The winner of the prestigious Robert Edler Prize for Choral Music has, for the first time, been awarded to a composer, Stephen Leek. Born in Sydney in 1959, Stephen Leek is well known and admired in choral circles throughout the …

Gramophone Online, June 19, 2003

There exists an unspoken prejudice among certain professional musicians – composers, performers, critics, administrators, funding bodies – against music written for amateurs. Most believe that sort of activity to be beneath their dignity; some performers, (like actors) regard it as …

Goulburn Oratorio

Goulburn Express, November 1, 2013

AN event for the history books, the tireless efforts of Goulburn’s cultural leaders will culminate on the weekend in one huge arts extravaganza. The 150th Oratorio will take place on Sunday evening, on St Saviours …

Goulburn Express, October 14, 2013

WITH less than a month to go until the Oratorio, organisers say the event is on track to be something unique for the City. According to the Goulburn Regional Conservatorium’s website, an Oratorio is “a large scale musical work for …