Comments about Stephen Leek

“Stephen Leek has no equal in Australian music. He is undoubtedly the leading voice of Australian choral music, steering its development since his earliest choral works. His powerful influence has given choirs, and conductors alike, the confidence to sing, celebrate and perform Australian works. For my part, I can confidently say that Stephen’s work has been the single most powerful influence on my career. Stephen Leek is as much an outstanding conductor and artistic director as he is a composer. The Australian Voices are a choir unmatched in the country for their energy, musicality and unity of sound. Congratulations to Stephen and the remarkable singers of The Australian Voices for 15 years of leadership, artistry, commitment and integrity.” 
Lyn Williams – Artistic Director / Conductor, The Gondwana Voices, Sydney

“If one were to dream about an ideal way for Australian choral music to truly make its mark, one might:
Ø  Firstly, focus on developing a body of choral repertoire that tells the world about the perspective and concerns of our place and our time, and encourage the development of compositional skills that articulate this perspective with clarity and nuance;
Ø  Secondly, develop the musical skills and the experience in young singers to articulate and realise this repertoire, giving it a life, with enthusiasm, joy, vigour, clarity, and above all, with the utmost musicality and rigour;
Ø  Thirdly, provide the singers with an experience that will significantly impact on their lives, and provide audiences with a rich, meaningful, and above all, entertaining experience;
Ø  Fourthly, perform often, at home and away, in a variety of contexts, directly communicating with audiences;
Ø  And lastly, continue to motivate, enthuse, excite, stimulate, and challenge, always aiming high, never faltering, and truly setting a benchmark for others to emulate.

But wait a minute! This already exists, and has existed for 15 years! In Stephen Leek and The Australian Voices! How blessed are we in this country to claim them as our own?”
John DavisChief Executive Officer, The Australian Music Centre

“The Australian Voices has led the way in shifting Australian choral music – and our perceptions of it – from the fringes to the mainstream. The fact that choral organisations all over Australia now regard it as core activity to promote, commission and perform Australian repertoire is in no small part due to the commitment and expertise of this wonderful organisation.”
Graham Abbott – Conductor, Music Educator and Broadcaster

“Thank you for the inspiration you have instilled in these kids.”
Kristen Symes, Middle School Choir Director, Singapore American School

“Stephen and The Australian Voices have always been an inspiration to me for their fierce commitment, fantastically tight singing, original and exciting choral music. The music world is richer for their contribution!”
Jan Baker-Finch – Eurythmist, educator

“What sounds you inspire! What clarity of text! What a fabulous week!”
Phillip Green, Singapore American School

“Stephen (Leek) is an inspirational director and composer who has redefined what it means to be involved in choirs in Australia.”
Kim Sutherland – Conductor The Hunter Singers, Newcastle