Watu Choral Festival, Adelaide, October 2015

A huge thank you to Christie Anderson and her marvelous team of volunteers from the Adelaide Youth Voices for mounting such a successful and engaging program as the inaugural Watu Choral Festival. The standardĀ of the singing was very high and I was honoured to be able to work with the 120 singers (aged between 8 and 60) on choral skills. Hearing ones new work always puts you on the edge, but there were no worries here as the massed choir rose to the challenges of the premiere of my new work “Floating in the Lake, Swimming in the Sky” and the premiere of Carl Crossin’s “Evening Prayer”.

Rehearsal foImage-9985482-248167034-2-Web_0_19422a6c495cd7fdaab01b3a70a22c58_1rĀ the final concert by the massed Watu choir in the beautiful St Peters Cathedral, Adelaide.